Check out our references that we have built up over the past few years.

B&B Plant

At B&B we grow miniature stems that are suitable for balcony and terrace. We have developed an attractive range of products and have been supported by Roobeek for years. The employees of Roobeek cut the stems to size in the winter season. We can have them delivered directly from the suppliers at Roobeek and after cutting the roots and adjusting the stems to the correct length, we pick them up ourselves. This way we can have close contact and adjust where necessary. At Roobeek they are very flexible at deploying staff. Whenever there is a large delivery or when a large number of stems need to be cut and delivered, Roobeek can adjust with the amount of staff. This is a valuable addition to our production process.

Hacol BV

At ‘Hacol BC’ we take care of deliveries of different types of plants. For the deliveries of packed climbing roses and stem roses, we work together with Roobeek nursery. We established a packaging line together with Roobeek and the staff of this line is completely for Roobeek. Our biggest advantage of this packaging line is the flexible employability.

With smaller deliveries there is very few staff requested and with big deliveries it is even possible to have a double line manned. Within this cooperation, we take care of the supply and removal of the roses and Roobeek takes the personal responsibility for its account. It is mainly the bundling of the individual forces that make us strong as a supplier.


In addition to being a modern container nursery, ‘Danico BV’ is also a service provider that provides the picking and distribution of orders for its customers. Especially in the capacity of service provider we like to work together with Roobeek. Not only do they supply high quality conifers from their own nursery, but they also provide the personnel for preparing various types of prepared plants for dispatch to our customers. The plants are delivered directly to Roobeek, as are the products for the layout. The flexible deployment of the staff makes Roobeek a strong partner for us. We are dependent on our suppliers when it comes to the delivery of the various products and if they are unable to meet their agreements sufficiently, they will always ensure that we meet our deadline at Roobeek. Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to move along with the market optimally.

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