Our people are very versatile. They can help you with labor-intensive work such as cuttings, repotting or the sorting of rose trees. We can also help with flexible workers during seasonal peaks.

Who are we?

Nursery Roobeek is located in Arcen and covers 10 hectares. The container area covers around 8 hectares and the greenhouses 0.7 hectares. Our entire product range is homegrown. Cutting, potting and repotting, pruning, removing weeds, all phases of the growing process take place in-house and we carry out a large part manually and with great care. This ensures that all our conifers are high quality products. We have grown to be a professional partner for many major players in the market.

Social support

Nursery Roobeek has around 55 employees who have a distance to the labor market in some way. These employees are placed through WAA Group Venlo. This means that a large number of the employees have a mental or physical disability, or are distant to the job market in some way. Besides high quality products, nursery Roobeek also has a large social support. We offer our people a place to work, but mostly to learn. At our nursery, but also at external nurseries and gardeners, they learn the tricks of the trade.

Boomkwekerij support Venlo

We are associated with Boomkwekerij Support Venlo (BSV). This is a business center for commercial, logistical knowledge services. BSV offers their members strong promotional services for the Euregional tree growers and gives Roobeek the possibility to contact potential buyers.

Curious about our conifers?